When you talk about energy resources and the power sector, electric power holds the most vital place in production units. After all, it is the base for running all the equipment, and it is clearly evident from the demand rise for power supply in the last few decades. With technology advancing faster than the pace of bullets, there is a need for better handling capacities. The last few decades have seen an increase in the number of power grid failures and hence the need for better systems that can be utilized for off-grid electric power has been developed. The Genset have become the need of the hour as they have been adaptable to all kinds of systems, be it business or domestic-related. You can visit Ablesales.com.au to buy the best power backup devices for your premise, be it a residential or commercial premise, products are available. Moving further in this article, we are going to discuss the necessity of having a dryer for your compressor. There are multiple reasons owing to which we say that a compressor’s performance and efficiency increases when synergized with an air dryer. Before we continue this, let us go through what a compressor is and why do we need it.

What is a compressor?

It is a device (also known as a supercharger) that converts supplied power into potential energy using the science of compression. It works on the simple science of compression of air. In storage, the air is compressed and kept so that it can be used later. Primary uses of air superchargers can be seen in inflating tires, balloons, and delivering oxygen in hospitals. In contrast, a higher level of compressors is in engines, large power plants, and air conditioners. There are various types of air superchargers like piston or reciprocating compression, rotary screw compression, centrifugal compression, and rotary sliding vane compression. There are specific points to know before you go to buy a new air compressor. So, let’s get known to a few terminologies about them.

In the process of compression, it is obvious that moisture will be created. But this is not good for the machinery parts. The moisture can spoil the working and can even damage the parts. If you don’t want your machine to malfunction and ultimately shut down, then it is better that you prevent the creation of moisture. And that is possible with the use of an air dryer. The air dryer will remove the moisture from the process of compression of air. It is possible to compress the air, but water compression is not possible. Although the water can be removed but not the moisture. And this moisture can even cause rusting of metal present in parts of the machine. Corrosion of valves and pipes can also occur if moisture stays for long.

That being said, do compressors need a dryer always? Is a compressor not at all useful without the dryer? Well, not really. There are some major issues where you must have a dryer, you should check for the same. Discussing below some such stances:

How will you know you need a dryer?

The manufacturer specifies

Sometimes the manufacturers of compressors and Genset, specifically mention the need for an air dryer. While you purchase the machine, you can confirm the same, or later on, you can read the instructions. But it becomes crucial to use an air dryer if the same is mentioned by the manufacturer.

Rusting and corrosion

If you witness that the metal parts are rusting. And valves and pipes have started corroding, then it is high time to install an air dryer rather than to wait for the whole machine to malfunction. If this is not considered at an early stage, it may spoil the efficiency and working of the machine.

The air tools have water stains

If the water content is more it will cause either water droplets to stay on the air tool or there will be water stains on it. You must closely look for such signs and install the dryer as early as possible. Such signs occur when more problems are there, and therefore should not be overlooked.

Why do you need it?

As mentioned earlier also, to remove the moisture from the air compression process air dryers are needed. And when you see the signs as mentioned in the above paragraph, you should know it’s high time to invest in an air dryer to ensure proper working of the machine and its parts. For the longer life of the appliance, it is recommended to use the air dryer.

Also, with the right dryer, your compressor performs in a much efficient manner. The moisture issue is gone, and you do not need to bother about the mess which was earlier created because of water. It means that there is a reduction in distraction. Therefore, when your compressor is accompanied by a good-quality air dryer, it increases the device’s efficiency and also helps you perform better than earlier. So, it is a profitable investment.


To prevent your machine from malfunctioning and corrosion it is very crucial to drain out the water and moisture. The water or the moisture which is the result of compression of the air shall be moved out of the machine for its longer life. If it is not done then surely the parts of the machine will corrode and will make the machine malfunction. Therefore, it is necessary to use an air dryer for removing the moisture.

Although, you should use the air dryer when you are first starting the machine. Still, if you were not using it, then the machine will soon give you signs and at that time you should consider installing the dryer as early as possible. Signs like, rusting of parts, water stains on air tools, and spray or vapor formation. You should look for such signs and consider buying an air dryer for the better life of the machine. Once you are sure of which dryer you need for your compressor, you should not think twice and pair them!


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