The vacuum pumps aim at reducing the vacuum room pressure and remove the gas molecules to reach the vacuum degrees that are desired. There must be different configuration settings to reach the optimum working efficiencies, working life requirements, and process indexes. To reach the best model, keep an eye below.

First, select the ideal pump that your laboratory needs. You can choose from the common types of the same. They are:

Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps

These pumps do not use oil but use dry lubricant instead. The friction among the piston, diaphragm, and scroll pumps is prevented with these. The chemically-resistant models can deal even with the most corrosive gases. These pumps find their application in large or small-scale extraction. They are portable and do not call for much maintenance.

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

They are oil-sealed and used in requirements where the vacuum pressure needs to be strong and consistent. This is commonly used in freeze dryers, mass spectrometry, and hydraulic braking systems.

Water Aspirators

These can create suction by utilising negative water pressure. The aspirator remains connected to a tap and the suction is created when the water flows at a high speed. They are inexpensive and are pretty easy to use. Their performance entirely depends on the water flow and its temperature.

When you are to settle for a particular model, have the following considerations in mind.

Chemical Compatibility

The entire compatibility range is to get checked as to which are the gases that the pump is going to work with. The issues with the processed gas reacting with moisture need to be brought into account too.

Pumping Speed & Pressure Requirements

The pump’s capacity is understood here. The pumping speed or the volume flow and the throughput or the mass flow must be able to reach the desired phase. This can be calculated using the Q (gas load) = S (pumping speed) x P (pressure) equation.

Pump Installation

The port connections and the requirements for the attachment of ancillary equipment are a big need.

Pump Maintenance

This consideration will help you understand the frequency of the maintenance cycles and the level of expertise needed.


Not only the initial price of the pump but other associated costs must be brought to notice here.

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