In the new age of technology, all things are accessible and within our reach in just a few seconds. If you’re a movie buff and the quarantine has prevented you from watching your favorite movies in the theatre, now all your favorite movies are just one click away. You can watch movies in the best HD Quality. All the latest and in-demand movies and shows are found on these platforms. One such OTT Streaming Platform is aha. Here is one movie streaming exclusively on AHA.

Metro Kathalu.

Directed by Karuna Kumar and produced by Ram Muddukuri and Kiran Reddy Manadi, Metro Kathalu released on the OTT platform AHA on 15th August 2020. Starring GayatriBhargavi, Rajeev Kanakala, Ram Maddukuri, Nakshatra, JayasriRachakonda, Nandini Rai, and Ali Reza in the lead, the film is an anthology offering four different stories of love, pain, men, and ignorance set in Hyderabad.


The film opens with the first story set in an IT space. Chandu emails a love letter in Telegu to Abhi Ram. In return, she asks him to print his letter out and propose to her in person. The plot proceeds with the thoughts of ‘honest lover’ Chandu over the proposal. The story lacks good narration but is fresh and honest.

The second story is set in a domestic household. Sana’s drunk husband is admitted to the hospital by Varun, who hit him in an accident. The story lacks natural elements, gets superficial and uncomfortable from the middle. However, Karuna Kumar did try bringing in something new, which is often not shown in movies, a wife getting attracted to a young man. This story gets a bit draggy but can be a good filler for the other stories.

The third story is about a wife, Supriya, deprived of affection and attention from her career-oriented husband. Unhappy, she tries to get intimate with her friend, scared that she might have breast cancer. This story made the most sense and was done comparatively well. Even when the plot lacked good storytelling, it was compensated by the cast’s performance, especially of Supriya. The story felt real with strong emotions, drama, and themes.

The last story is the best from the lot, written and narrated well it speaks of a middle-class couple – Abbas and Salma. The story is real; it shows the couple fighting and the husband refusing to go to his friend’s house. The plot takes shape when he starts narrating a story about his father. The story has a soul, strong emotions, and good performances from the lead.

Metro Kathalu has good performances and the potential to be good stories for a web series; it lacks a connection to bring all the stories together to make it a film. The stories are unique and show that the Director wanted to try something new. Tune into AHA to watch one of the Telugu movies free.