It’s not that you ship your car across the country every now and then. Thus, you get started by searching for shipping options. You would find many companies vying for the deal, but to find the genuine and trustworthy auto Transport Company is tricky. It’s easy to have a bad experience if you are not careful at the beginning.

The first question that you would deal with is broker vs carrier – what to choose? Before getting on to the point that which one is better, know what is a carrier and how different is a broker from carrier.

What Is an Auto Transport Broker?

You can say that they are the ‘middleman’. They arrange the whole process of moving your vehicle; right from choosing the transport carrier, getting the price quotation, setting the pick-up and delivery time to giving expert customer services. Most importantly they do not own the carrier trucks and rather keep carriers under contract.

Every profession has some negative reviews. But obviously there are professional and reliable companies like Ship a Car, Inc. You can ship a car cross country without any worry. They provide long distance vehicle shipping services for all types of commercial and consumer vehicles in US and cross country. They charge only when you get a suitable carrier for transportation of your vehicle.

How Does the Broker Work?

Carriers are those who own the trucks used for shipping the vehicles. It is often difficult for you find a carrier by yourself. Here, the broker companies have valid USDOT credentials and FMSCA compliance, and insurance coverage. They find you carriers for the vehicle shipping. They inspect the car and prepare a contract before the shipping.

They provide a secured transport of your car and is responsible for any damage caused during the transfer. They negotiate the price with the carriers. They even assist you in following up the status of the shipment and solve issues if there is a problem before the delivery.

Broker Over Carrier?

  • Carriers hardly opt for branding or advertising their business to make their place in the top web searches. Therefore, they are hard to find for us. They generally try to establish a contract with brokers to get a good flow of assignments. So, may not get best rates and good service even if you find one. The way brokers work towards customer satisfaction, carrier won’t do that. They would only focus on filling up the truck and dropping off the vehicle at the terminal.
  • The network of carriers that the broker has saves you both money and time. Moreover, you would get plenty of options for one route which is almost impossible to get done when going directly to the carrier.
  • In case, of damage or accident you can get compensation as your vehicle is insured by the broker company.
  • Clear out all your doubts with the agent instead of just learning from automated messages. The websites of the broker firms show a box to calculate your quote for free. Don’t ever think that the quote estimated there would be the exact price you would have to pay. It’s all good if you can find a trustworthy company.

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