Jeep Safari

Come lower windy dirt tracks and secluded beaches round the Jeep Safari. The safari leaves in glasgow- Cala en Porter that is appropriate for anyone older than six. The jeep darts through dense forest and sheltered woodland, before a slower pace through traditional attractive villages and country lanes. This trip is wonderful for children, and nature enthusiasts will love the possibility for more information regarding the island’s wildlife population. The safari creates the right trip although within your Menorca holiday and if you have been stops en-route for swimming or exploration.

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The island’s spectacular scenery ensures that mountain-biking can be a well-loved selection of trip although around the journey in Menorca. There are numerous cycle friendly routes provided by companies and a range of half-day or full-day excursions. A lot of companies gives you the bikes, with an assistance vehicle that trails behind together with your rucksacks. If you’re a biking aficionado you will subsequently be happy to hear additionally, there are firms that offer five day excursions staring at the entire island.


There are numerous caves and ravines for more information on although within your Menorca holiday and trekking getting useful information discussion the location like the rear of his hands is the easiest method to see what may otherwise remain a concealed side within the island. Possibly the most amazing treks offered in Menorca borders the Balearic coast from Alocs al Cake en Montana Mala. It is going while using ancient capital of scotland- Ferreries along with the historic ruins within the Colina de Santa Águeda fortress.

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Kayaking is a great way to investigate the many ocean-filled caves and apparent water inlets of Menorca, and excursions occur each day at 10am from Fornell’s Bay.

The most used coves trail consumes the hidden British and Orguel’s Coves, before stopping for supper on S’Arenalet, an attractive sandy beach calculating purely available by kayak or boat. Furthermore there’s an array of going for a ocean kayak route within your Menorca holiday, which consumes windswept lighthouses, rugged coves and wild beaches. The Exodus from Dagger kayaks are utilized which are five metres extended, stable and very fast.

Wood Rafts

If you’re round the Menorca apartment holiday with several buddies this trip gives you the very best connecting experience to meet your requirements. In this particular day you’ll are employed in teams to produce your own personal wooden raft only using natural materials. Once your raft remains built you’ll race it coupled with other teams raft within the river race. The winning team may be the first ones to dismember their raft.


Horses are pretty essential in Menorca, along with the distinctive black Menorcan horse might be observed performing in local fetes and fiestas. These horses are stored in high regard and they are therefore damaged in carefully. The city of Cala en Porter could be the finest spot to visit horse-driving your Menorca holiday and Stables Farm known across the island. You will find the choice of going for a ride in a sheltered wooded area, alongside bronze-age megaliths. Another route consumes the attractive Calas Cove, but is just available with the initial couple of a few days of the year, once the wild flowers of Menorca come in blossom.


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