A graphic card or a video card is a component of the computer that converts the data being fed into the machine to images on the monitor. There are lots of models and many different options that are available. If you are a casual user and you have to choose from a wide range of options then this might get really confusing. Basically, graphic cards come in four different varieties. This knowledge of the four types of graphic cards is essential when it comes to upgrading your existing computer or buying a new computer altogether.

Integrated card

The computer that you might not have assembled yourself or upgraded can have an integrated graphics card. This indicates the relationship of the card with the motherboard of the computer. Also referred to as an onboard graphics card, this card is the default option that comes along with a standard motherboard. This card can be upgraded but requires plugging a new graphics card into the motherboard of the computer and discarding the older card. Purchase a trendy 8gb graphics card today.


These cards utilize the PCI slots on the motherboard of your computer in order to connect to the computer. These cards are, however, a little bit out of date. If you are someone who has an old motherboard then you can grab this graphic card if you are trying to upgrade your older system.


These cards are also named the PCI cards on the basis of the slot they connect to on the motherboard. These cards offer four speeds and the fastest one is 8*. These cards suffer from technological limits and hence are not as fast as PCI-E slots. These are, thus, not developed in order to run at higher speeds. One benefit that these cards offer is that they are more compatible as compared to the most cutting-edge cards.


Get hold of a Quality coolermaster through a PCI-Express graphics card. These are the most advanced graphic cards and can connect to the motherboard’s PCI-E slot. The speed of these cards can be increased to 16*. There can be one rare scenario and that is that there can be more than one PCI-E slot on the motherboard and hence more than one graphic card. This can, however, create compatibility issues.


Thus, if you are someone who is looking for a graphics card then try and buy a PCI-Express graphics card.



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