Carpets decorate our floor and provide many practical benefits. Carpets make the first impression and if your floor does not look good enough then no matter how good the room is decorated, people will not get the impression you expected to give them.

Carpets are our style statement, provide aesthetic benefits, keep our room insulated from noise and weather extremism, and much more. That is why carpets are part of every other household. There are two categories of rugs commercial and residential. Both have their similarities and differences which make them distinct from each other.

Here are a few differences between residential and commercial carpets:

Commercial Carpets:

  • Aesthetics:

The first thing which is different between the two types is aesthetics. The commercial carpets usually are uncomplicated, one color, or have few basic designs and patterns. Commercial carpets need to present a formal look; that is why the styling is limited to a few colors and patterns. Mostly dark colors and contrast are used to enhance the beauty of the floor, and it is made sure that they present a formal look.

  • Comfort:

Carpets tend to provide comforts to feet no matter those are commercial or residential rugs. The difference is commercial rugs are not as soft and fluffy as residential carpets are. Mostly the carpets with less softness are chosen for office and commercial places.

  • Maintenance and cleaning:

While choosing a carpet for the commercial sector ensure that you are picking the one with less maintenance fuss and easy to clean. Thorough cleanliness like home is not possible in commercial places, and if it is hard to clean or maintain the carpet might need to change quickly.

  • Cost:

Commercial carpets tend to be cheap and affordable than residential carpets.

  • Durability & Quality:

It is hard to change carpet quickly in offices also the quality needs to be more robust. The carpet with material that can bear heavy foot traffic is preferred in the commercial sector.

Residential Carpets:

  • Aesthetic:

While decorating your home, you have a wide choice to select your carpet. Choose the one that goes perfectly with your interiors and style. The dark or light color, heavy or light pattern you have a free choice.

  • Comfort:

Residential carpets tend to be more comfortable and fluffy to provide you coziness when you step on it.

  • Maintenance & cleaning:

A carpet with easy maintenance and cleaning is the first choice of any buyer, but you can choose style over a little bit of high maintenance to go perfectly with your home interiors.

  • Cost:

Residential carpets are expensive as compare to commercial rugs.

  • Durability & Quality:

Residential carpets are also useful in durability and quality. But you can choose the material according to your needs and the people in the house. If you have a large family, a carpet that can bear heavy foot traffic is the right choice.

Let’s wrap it up:

There are no hard and fast rules that decide which carpet goes where. You can select the commercial rug for your home if that goes perfectly with your residential needs.


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