Throughout this text, you have already noticed some advantages of taking good care of your air conditioning, but we do not stop there. Check out four more reasons by licensed contractors to keep your device clean and up-to-date.

  1. Preventing system breakdowns

As it is indoors, the air conditioning ends up being exposed to an intense accumulation of dust that can block filters, turbines, and coils, reducing cooling efficiency. For this reason, keeping it always clean helps prevent possible breakdowns in the air conditioning system.

  1. Health prevention

Anyone who is allergic is usually terrified of air conditioning, but there’s no need to despair! Once it is clean and in good condition, the device in operation will not increase microorganisms harmful to health.

  1. Longer device life

Regardless of whether they are used frequently or not, air conditioning units that receive the proper cleaning and maintenance last much longer than a first-rate but poorly maintained one.

  1. Economy

As we said, a dirty air conditioner needs to make more effort to work efficiently. This is because the accumulation of dirt on the parts forces your compressor to perform the air conditioning, generating greater consumption of electric energy.

Uninstalling Air Conditioning

Uninstalling an air conditioning unit is simple: be aware of the same installation procedures, counting on a certified professional to carry out the task.

The process includes cleaning the copper tubing internally with detergent fluid and performing a vacuum and fluid charge according to the device manufacturer’s guidelines. In this process, the pipes used can be reused – depending on the rigidity and conservation of the parts. If they are poorly maintained, the exchange will be necessary.

The air conditioning transportation which gives quality air also requires some care, especially with the external unit (condenser). The condenser must not tip over, so it is recommended that the unit is always kept upright during transport, with a maximum inclination of 30º.

If this procedure is not followed, it will be necessary to keep the device turned off and standing for about 2 hours before reinstallation. The evaporator unit (internal) can be transported without significant concerns, taking basic precautions to prevent falls or impacts.

Just remember that, after uninstalling the equipment, the ideal is to protect it with suitable material to avoid the effects of bad weather or other conditions that may deteriorate it.

In addition, it is also recommended that the appliance connections are sealed with electrical tape to prevent foreign bodies (such as insects) from entering the air conditioning pipes.



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