If you want to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the busy city of Singapore, Bintan Island in Indonesia is a fun vacation spot at an affordable cost.This is a simple shortcut to visit Indonesia from Singapore for those who want to go to a new country and the island of Bintan has tons of charms for you to enjoy. Find some quick guides on how to access Bintan from Singapore, must-see attractions, where to stay and things to do while on the island.

It’s easy to plan your trip or weekend getaway package on a backpacker budget to enjoy the island of Bintan. The easiest way to reach the terminal in the city center is to take the MRT to Tanah Merah and take bus number 35, so you are there for only SG $ 2.

There are several ferry businesses that you can choose from with very competitive ticket prices.

Shop around the terminal and get the best rates for budget and relaxation. It is recommended to purchase a round-trip ticket at the same time when purchasing a ticket. It is also proof of return which is a prerequisite for a visa on arrival.

Description of a Boat Trip

From Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore to Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island, Indonesia, it takes about 1 hour 50 minutes. Sindo Ferries has introduced a new vessel for the road known as the Queen Star 6 and is also frequently upgrading the fleet to provide contemporary and comfortable support. Travel is fast and may occasionally cut so people suffering from seasickness should travel with caution.

Please note that each passenger is given a maximum baggage allowance of 30kg. Namely 10kg in the handbag and 20kg in the check-in bag. This is the result of how big this ship can accommodate everyone. Enjoy a safe and fun boat on your way to Bintan island.

Pay Attention to Visa Rules

Great news for tourists! As of March 2016, Indonesia is currently questioning the Short Visit Visa Free centers specifically for nationalities of up to 169 countries. The visa-free statute center is valid for 30 days and will cover your weekend trip to the Indonesian island of Bintan in Singapore.

In recent years you may need to purchase an undercover visa on arrival for around $ 25 US dollars and you will find a form to fill out and quite easy to set up. The great news is that this excess cost can now be converted to a place to stay for the night.

Guide Around Bintan Island

The easiest and most affordable option for researching Bintan is renting a moped that can be ordered at a reasonable price at the Bintan boat terminal. The shop will negotiate the purchase fee and make sure you check the bike before renting and always wear the helmet listed in the rental price.

It’s easy to get moped rentals and many rental businesses anticipate new arrivals from the moment you get off the boat. You might also decide on a moto taxi if you know where you’re going and want to stay in a hotel for the weekend. Then you can go back to exploring the island and then try hunting for huts from the beach for the night.

Things to Do All Over the Island of Bintan, Indonesia

If you rent a house made for your week, you can walk around and see the many coastal beaches the island offers, such as Lagoi Beach. You can also see Penyengat Island to see the Sultan Riau Grand Mosque or even the slopes of the Desert or even the 500 Lohan Temple. There are lots of attractions to visit if you have the choice of transportation.

In addition, you can also spend your vacation time relaxing around the hotel’s beach, such as a relaxing massage. It is certain, Bintan island is the right place to relax before returning to busy Singapore.

Before you plan a trip to Bintan Island, be sure to read more about Bintan Island and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.


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