For ensuring the longevity of your air conditioners, regular maintenance is very important.  Cleaning your air conditioner is a better way to maintain, but often regular servicing maybe not enough.

Although with regular servicing, you can clear away the entire dirt present in your aircon, it may not be so effective to get rid of the entire gunk accumulated and got stuck into your condenser, evaporator coil, and filter of your aircon.

Also, using improper cleaning techniques often may cause a lot of damage to all the internal components. Here, you will feel the need for an aircon chemical overhaul by a professional company in Singapore like LK Brothers.

Aircon chemical wash

When your air conditioner will stop blowing cold air or may take longer to cool the room even after completely cleaning its air duct, then chemical wash may be needed. Here the unit is totally disassembled and all parts will be soaked in a chemical.

A chemical wash will be necessary when regular cleaning fails to get rid of the entire dirt and other toxic gunk accumulated in your filter, condenser, and evaporator coil.

The most obvious benefits of doing a thorough chemical wash are the following:

  1. Your air quality will drastically improve, which will keep the entire air fresh indoors. Thus, it will help your family to avoid any respiratory problems arising due to poor air quality.
  2. There will be reduced chances of breakdown and the aircon unit will not malfunction too often.
  3. The performance of your aircon will improve.

During the chemical wash, the following activities will be taken up:

  • Cleaning/checking of the front panel, cover, and air filter
  • Checking and purifying of air conditioner filter
  • Checking and cleaning of the indoor evaporator coil
  • Checking and cleaning of the indoor drainage tray
  • Checking of the fan bearing and also lubrication
  • Vacuuming of the drainage system and pan
  • Checking the compressor suction and also discharge pressure
  • Tightening of all the electrical contacts
  • Removing oil, dust, and dirt from various parts.

Aircon overhaul

If chemical wash fails to clean your aircon system thoroughly, then you need to go for a chemical overhaul. You must go for a chemical overhaul during the following condition:

  • When the vents get clogged due to dust particles/gunk
  • Drainpipe clogging of drain pipes causes water leakage
  • Evaporator coil damage
  • Damage to your fan bearings
  • Damaged/faulty air filters

After a chemical overhaul, your aircon will be like a new aircon.

The following are the activities that will be carried out while doing aircon chemical overhauls:

  • Lubrication of your fan bearings will be done to reduce any noise and also increase their efficiency
  • Monitoring and checking of thermostats and other controls of your unit
  • By using appropriate chemicals the pipes, drain pans, and blower wheel will be thoroughly cleaned
  • Cleaning of fan evaporator coil for removing dust and grime to increase efficiency
  • Replacing all faulty bearings to eliminate operational noise.


While both the operation involves cleaning of the aircon but chemical overhaul will go a bit deeper than just a chemical wash. It will ensure that the entire aircon pipes will be clean, which can facilitate a much better airflow and lead to much better performance and efficiency.


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