There are many ways to manifest faith and devotion. One is to incorporate accessories that can be used daily as a physical way of symbolizing that faith. That is why the types of religious accessories are so successful. In addition to being beautiful pieces, they are a great expression of faith and devotion. In this post we will show 4 types of religious accessories that can be used symbolically. This is because through these pieces it is possible to carry a souvenir that represents your devotion daily. Religious necklaces, such as men’s serenity prayer necklace, are also symbols of protective jewelry. So, all kinds of religious accessories are super special.


The crucifix is a very important religious necklace for Christians. That’s because the symbol represents the cross that Jesus was crucified on. Furthermore, the cross also represents sacrifice, love, forgiveness and the renewal of faith. Being one of the most famous religious jewels in the whole world, the crucifix is ​​attributed the meaning of representing a connection between man and the all powerful, God.


The scapular is also a very important accessory for the faithful of the Catholic Church. The play is not only a fashion item but is often featured in films and soap operas. The scapular is a necklace with two medals or images that must be connected by fabrics, chains or threads.

Star of David necklace

The name DAVI in ​​Hebrew is formed by letters that have a calligraphy that resembles the shape of the star. Therefore, the symbol was incorporated in several religions. The star itself has also become a symbol of Jewish culture. In some representations, the star even symbolizes man in the trinity: body, soul and spirit.

Hand of Fatima

Also known as “hamsa” or hand of God, this symbol is commonly used against the evil eye by cultures in the Middle East. It is considered and known as a powerful talisman, which helps to ward off bad energies and bring luck, happiness and fortune. The word hamsa means “five”, the five fingers of the hand. So, the main purpose of the symbol is to prevent evil from entering.

Fashionable Religious Necklaces

Even though they are used for spiritual purposes by devotees and believers, religious necklaces have also become accessories in the fashion world. This is because of its very beautiful aesthetics and also because they are jewelry with meaning and purposes.

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