These days having a wedding without a stag party or bucks party without stripper is unheard of.  It’s a right of passage that everyone transitioning into married life has to go through to celebrate the last moments of freedom. People have come up with the most ingenious bucks night ideas Melbourne from pub hopping to scuba diving weekends. But where does the concept of the stag or bucks party come from and, why is it that almost 99% of the time, strippers are involved?

There’s this story that’s been told for years that bucks and hen parties simply perpetuate social stereotypes. It is possible that the word, “hen” wasn’t just used to label female chickens. It could have been used to name the female of anything and so a hen party would be exclusive to women. Similarly, the word “stag” or “buck” meant a male deer, making bucks parties exclusive for men. Although, no one has ever come out and claimed to have irrefutable evidence of   the origins of these concepts; they have been around for as long as men and women have been marrying each other.

There are numerous sources  that have suggested that the idea of bucks parties began as early as the 5th century amongst Spartans who held a pre-marriage celebration for the groom.  Hen nights have been linked to the Middle Eastern and Asian henna practice where the bride and all the women in the wedding party get together to get Henna tattoos and talk about married life and what the bride to be can expect on her new role as a wife.

The symbolism behind these parties go deep but they weren’t always as elaborate as they have become. These days the best man has to be creative and come up with bucks night ideas Melbourne to top all the other party ideas there may have existed before. For some, the planning can be much easy if there is a set tradition that a particular group of friends might have decided to adopt. Strip clubs also make it easy by offering special bucks party packages.

Different countries use different names. In America, it is called a bachelor party, in the UK they call it a stag night and in Australia it is called a bucks party. These abstract names all allude to the se thing: an event where the groom is allowed and expected to be as fanciful and outrageous as he can be because once he says I do, he will have to forego such outrageous behaviour or irresponsibility.

It’s the last time, the groom will ever get to go out with his mates and get motherlessly drunk. The last time he’ll ever be allowed to talk to beautiful women or look at a naked woman’s body. Once he is married, he has to either burn his porn stash or find another hiding place for it. Marriage is an important step on anybody’s life and it’s a point where a guy leaves all childish things behind and assumes responsibility for the new family he is starting. You can do all the things you would think twice about doing when you have other people counting on you. So, every man who takes the decision to get married deserves the most epic send off possible.


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