The double-glazed windows are an essential element for the tightness of a house for three main factors:

  • improve thermal comfort
  • have an important performance in sound insulation
  • turn out to be a security to stop robberies

Thermal insulation – in addition to maintaining a pleasant room temperature in every season in your own home, double-glazed windows bring great energy savings, so lower bills. Thus, double-glazed windows are a barrier against the cold, as they do not let the heat from inside and a shield against heat: they repel the sun’s rays.

Sound insulation – living on the side of a road where there is a lot of noise, such as near an airport or the city center, can be a real hell. Therefore, the choice of windows is crucial to promote your well-being. The idea is to add a greater glass thickness to the outside (10 millimeters, for example) and associate a specific filter. There are six noise reduction ratings, from class 1 to 6, reducing noise pollution from 25 to 50 decibels. Naturally, the thermal performance does not suffer from this specificity and keeps up with other models of classic double-glazed windows.

Anti-theft – double glazed windows like Double glazing windows Forest hill are burglar-resistant, as they are made with two 4 mm thick laminated glasses, placed side by side and placed outside. Thus, in case of shock, voluntary or involuntary, the glass does not break. According to statistics, it may take a thief 5 to 6 minutes to break a window instead of 30 seconds for simple glass. Let’s think about it.

Why Choose Double-Glazed Windows?

In the past, glass windows were simple and broke with the slightest movement. Thus, double glazed windows turn out to be a natural evolution of this type of coating. Nowadays, companies, supermarkets, and private homes usually have double-glazed windows.

On the one hand, because the insulation of double glazing meets the legal standards imposed on new buildings and thermal regulations. On the other hand, its own thermal, acoustic, and safety performance has revolutionized interior comfort and triggers great energy savings.

Therefore, nowadays, it is natural for new constructions and renovations to include double glazed windows in their projects.


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