Many users reported that from the moment they got the HONOR Sport PRO, they could feel its sports style. This Sports Bluetooth Earphones is good in quality.

The design of the earphone is unique. From earplugs, ear hangers to neck hangers, it adopts three different materials and a gradual color change design from light to deep. This kind of texture enables young people to match AJ and other sports trends.

The earplug body adopts bright CD pattern design. Ear hangings, neck hangings and other places that often “rub” with the human body use skin-friendly packages. The touch of the whole earphone is dry. If it is stained with sweat after exercise, it will not feel greasy.

The two earphones are connected by a skin-friendly flexible neck strap. One end is connected with a battery part. The housing is provided with a HONOR LOGO. The other end is wire control. There are 3 key designs on the wire control. They are volume addition and subtraction and power key/pause key. Among them, the pause key has been designed with a small “depression”. It is to facilitate blind operation during movement.

The semi-in-ear design is familiar. It can be worn by intuition. It is without the feeling of poking the ear.

Following the music rhythm of Sport PRO, several Round came up and down. The earphones were firmly hung on the ears.

If you wear it to move and do any large-scale movements, the earphone will not fall off. They have little sense of looseness, even with physical contact.

Wireless earphones are criticized by users for a common fault: troublesome connection, easy disconnection, and delays in watching movies and playing games.

Sport PRO has an easy-to-use HUAWEI HiPair flash connection function. It hides in the key area. Unplugging out is a Type-C interface.

The connection of Bluetooth earphones needs to go through complicated steps. The steps include startup-pairing of both parties-successful pairing.

The best use of HUAWEI HiPair is to simplify the connection to one step.

As long as Sport PRO is plugged into the Type-C interface of the mobile phone, the mobile phone will pop up. It will connect in an instant. The ecology of HONOR products has become more perfect. It is with perfect and meticulous experience.

The charging speed of this Bluetooth earphones is brilliant. Charging for 5 minutes and listening to songs for 4 hours. The measured full power condition is close to 18.5 hours of wireless listening. According to the usage time of one hour of exercise a day, it is charged every two weeks.

In the field of Sports Bluetooth Earphones, traditional wired earphones can occupy the market as long as it has “good sound quality”. It is made up of multiple details. Each detail will have a decisive impact on the use of sports scenes.

HONOR Sport PRO did a good job: it felt excellent to wear. It never falls when exercising. It has a long endurance. This is a good Sports Bluetooth Earphones.


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