July 2021


With online gaming, the need to search for good casinos to be able to play casino games is negligible. These games are not just played for fun but also because you can benefit from them. Besides, they are a huge and indispensable part of Asian economies. idn poker site in Indonesia. It is one of the best sites that provide fair online games to the players. The games are well designed with transitions to choose from and also without any gaming limits.

The game was originally designed in Indonesia, but today it is played internationally by millions of players.

Some basics of card gaming

A pack of the card has 52 cards. Generally, there is only one pack of cards in a poker game. Another thing is the value to bet. Generally, these games are played with poker coins. The game is played in rounds, and you are allowed to bet an amount only when it’s your chance to bet. The probability of winning depends upon your card value in the game. The game depends on your luck in receiving the right cards, but also you need a strategy and the ability to bluff.

How to register for poker?

Asians have an irrefutable love for casino games, and these games make a huge part of Asian markets — Idn poker website for these online games.

The first step to registering to poker99 is to create a username and password to log in. Connect your poker99 account with an active email id and a bank account.  Verify the email id with a link provided through email. You need to connect to a bank account to make payments, receive wins and bonuses, etc. Poker99 supports almost all the payment options and hardly ever causes failure in transactions.

Once you fill in all the details and create an account with poker99, you can access your poker game.

Enjoy After Understanding

To enjoy to the fullest and to ensure your winnings it is a must that you know the rules of the game. So, first, learn how to play the game and also equip yourself with the rules. Idn poker is simple to play for anyone who loves the kind of gambling game and all they need is a reliable site and with such an amazing and effective platform one will be able to enjoy and explore this poker variety to its fullest. Never ignore the seriousness of relying upon safe and reputed online websites to play for if you failed it may cause money loss and identity theft. So, stay away from fraud and low-quality websites and with an efficient site, win bets like a pro. A highly reliable platform like Poker99 will provide excellent services to its members along with attractive bonuses and a hurdle-free gambling experience. Thousands of satisfied gamblers have noted down their opinions regarding the sites as reviews and hence go through those words and choose the best online gambling site for you to kill boredom and stay lively and satisfied.

The GST rate in Singapore is 7%. It is collected by the GST registered businesses from their consumers. This Value Added Tax is passed to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). GST was introduced to reduce the burden of the other three taxes like the corporate, personal, and direct taxes.

All businesses that exceed the turnover limit of $1 million in a year are liable to be registered for GST. They also have to file for GST returns even they had no business the current year. GST was introduced in 1994 in Singapore. Since then there have been too many amendments in the GST regulations. This has often confused businesses because during GST Audit they have paid penalties for not following the regulations properly.

Thus, the best way of avoiding the hassle of GST audits, people hire chartered accounts or corporate advisories for GST audit services. Morrison Management has 30 years of experience under the name of Raffles Corporate Advisory Services. They have qualified and experienced teams from Singapore and the Philippines that now conduct business around the world. Their team is specialized in GST and they will keep you updated with the amendments in GST regulations to avoid any company’s loss.

Benefits of GST Audit

It helps in keeping a check on the required taxes. The taxable person cannot pay half or more and there should not be any excuse for not paying at all. By registering under GST, you are liable to make payments on time. The company remains sincere with its business by collecting receipts from every consumer while filing for returns. All logbook entries match with the claims mentioned which help in getting GST returns easily. After getting GST registration, the company will have to stay registered for a minimum of two years.

If your business is not registered under GST, then you might decide if it is feasible or not, by reading these few important factors –

  • As a registered business, you can offset any input tax you paid, against the output tax you received. If your business pays a good amount of input tax then it is wise to register.
  • GST registered businesses are supposed to maintain a logbook, accounting details, and other obligations that a business needs to cater to. This includes an additional cost.
  • If you’re GST registered, then you will have to charge GST in every supply to your consumers. This may be challenging because your price increases due to additional GST and your competitor doesn’t add GST to the bill because they are not registered.
  • GST registration leaves a positive impact on consumers. Often it is seen that all businesses who don’t charge GST because they are not registered, are considered small businesses and consumers don’t like doing business with them as they don’t seem to be trustworthy.

It is good to understand the benefit of GST registration even if you don’t fall within the threshold of the $1 million limits. The best way will be to seek help from a professional who is ready to explain and help in any manner.

If you want to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the busy city of Singapore, Bintan Island in Indonesia is a fun vacation spot at an affordable cost.This is a simple shortcut to visit Indonesia from Singapore for those who want to go to a new country and the island of Bintan has tons of charms for you to enjoy. Find some quick guides on how to access Bintan from Singapore, must-see attractions, where to stay and things to do while on the island.

It’s easy to plan your trip or weekend getaway package on a backpacker budget to enjoy the island of Bintan. The easiest way to reach the terminal in the city center is to take the MRT to Tanah Merah and take bus number 35, so you are there for only SG $ 2.

There are several ferry businesses that you can choose from with very competitive ticket prices.

Shop around the terminal and get the best rates for budget and relaxation. It is recommended to purchase a round-trip ticket at the same time when purchasing a ticket. It is also proof of return which is a prerequisite for a visa on arrival.

Description of a Boat Trip

From Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore to Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island, Indonesia, it takes about 1 hour 50 minutes. Sindo Ferries has introduced a new vessel for the road known as the Queen Star 6 and is also frequently upgrading the fleet to provide contemporary and comfortable support. Travel is fast and may occasionally cut so people suffering from seasickness should travel with caution.

Please note that each passenger is given a maximum baggage allowance of 30kg. Namely 10kg in the handbag and 20kg in the check-in bag. This is the result of how big this ship can accommodate everyone. Enjoy a safe and fun boat on your way to Bintan island.

Pay Attention to Visa Rules

Great news for tourists! As of March 2016, Indonesia is currently questioning the Short Visit Visa Free centers specifically for nationalities of up to 169 countries. The visa-free statute center is valid for 30 days and will cover your weekend trip to the Indonesian island of Bintan in Singapore.

In recent years you may need to purchase an undercover visa on arrival for around $ 25 US dollars and you will find a form to fill out and quite easy to set up. The great news is that this excess cost can now be converted to a place to stay for the night.

Guide Around Bintan Island

The easiest and most affordable option for researching Bintan is renting a moped that can be ordered at a reasonable price at the Bintan boat terminal. The shop will negotiate the purchase fee and make sure you check the bike before renting and always wear the helmet listed in the rental price.

It’s easy to get moped rentals and many rental businesses anticipate new arrivals from the moment you get off the boat. You might also decide on a moto taxi if you know where you’re going and want to stay in a hotel for the weekend. Then you can go back to exploring the island and then try hunting for huts from the beach for the night.

Things to Do All Over the Island of Bintan, Indonesia

If you rent a house made for your week, you can walk around and see the many coastal beaches the island offers, such as Lagoi Beach. You can also see Penyengat Island to see the Sultan Riau Grand Mosque or even the slopes of the Desert or even the 500 Lohan Temple. There are lots of attractions to visit if you have the choice of transportation.

In addition, you can also spend your vacation time relaxing around the hotel’s beach, such as a relaxing massage. It is certain, Bintan island is the right place to relax before returning to busy Singapore.

Before you plan a trip to Bintan Island, be sure to read more about Bintan Island and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

Raja Ampat is frequently known as one of the most populous areas on the planet. The lush islands sprinkled across crystal blue waters draw travelers from all around the world. But because of its remote location, it isn’t teeming with tourists. Raja Ampat around the globe as a whole is magnificent. However, as you really will have to find out a couple of areas as you are there. Keep reading to learn the five places you want to see from Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

1. Pianemo

Pianemo is among the most photographed areas in Raja Ampat, so it has become a regional symbol.

The islets jut from the amazing turquoise waters making it a spectacle unlike any other from the endless blue skies. You’re able to spend some time admiring the view and shooting photographs before going back down to enter the water.

2. Pasir Timbul

It’s possible to delight in relaxing and playing on the shore, taking photographs, and viewing the underwater lifestyle without so much as having a snorkel. Pasir Timbul is only off the island of Mansuar, approximately half an hour by boat in Arborek village.

3. Batanta Island Waterfall

Batanta Island is among the biggest islands in Raja Ampat which makes it the ideal spot for research. The island is about half an hour by boat in Papua Paradise Eco Resort, which conducts excursions to Batanta to trek into the waterfall.

The ship’s anchor is about a 40-minute dip on forest trails and rocky terrain into the gorgeous waterfall. The stroll is 100% worth it because as soon as you’re there, it’s possible to delight in the fresh cool water, then investigate the cave behind the falls and observe the selection of wildlife.

4. Hornbill Island

Hornbills are among the most amazing bird species in Raja Ampat, and visiting them within their home surroundings is a unique sight. Hornbills congregate on a bit of island off the shore of Batanta Island in which the mangroves are healthy and thick. You’re able to see them fly, nearly always in pairs, and settle with this team. Papua Paradise runs day trips to Hornbill Island only to observe this magical all-natural sight.

5. Arborek Village

Known as Arborek Tourism Village, this is the most famous village in Raja Ampat for you to visit. Most of the women here make handicrafts for a living, and there are also villagers from young to old that perform traditional dances. Even the village isn’t very big and only has around 40 families living there, but it’s a delightful way to know a little about the culture. If you walk around, you can see traditional houses, rickety jetties, and often kids playing and splashing in the water that are wonderful to chat to and photograph.

Raja Ampat is a group of islands on the western tip of Papua-Indonesia, famous for its diving experience. Most of the world’s coral reef’s biodiversity and rare species of marine life can easily be found in Raja Ampat.

Ready to start your getaway to Raja Ampat? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

For ensuring the longevity of your air conditioners, regular maintenance is very important.  Cleaning your air conditioner is a better way to maintain, but often regular servicing maybe not enough.

Although with regular servicing, you can clear away the entire dirt present in your aircon, it may not be so effective to get rid of the entire gunk accumulated and got stuck into your condenser, evaporator coil, and filter of your aircon.

Also, using improper cleaning techniques often may cause a lot of damage to all the internal components. Here, you will feel the need for an aircon chemical overhaul by a professional company in Singapore like LK Brothers.

Aircon chemical wash

When your air conditioner will stop blowing cold air or may take longer to cool the room even after completely cleaning its air duct, then chemical wash may be needed. Here the unit is totally disassembled and all parts will be soaked in a chemical.

A chemical wash will be necessary when regular cleaning fails to get rid of the entire dirt and other toxic gunk accumulated in your filter, condenser, and evaporator coil.

The most obvious benefits of doing a thorough chemical wash are the following:

  1. Your air quality will drastically improve, which will keep the entire air fresh indoors. Thus, it will help your family to avoid any respiratory problems arising due to poor air quality.
  2. There will be reduced chances of breakdown and the aircon unit will not malfunction too often.
  3. The performance of your aircon will improve.

During the chemical wash, the following activities will be taken up:

  • Cleaning/checking of the front panel, cover, and air filter
  • Checking and purifying of air conditioner filter
  • Checking and cleaning of the indoor evaporator coil
  • Checking and cleaning of the indoor drainage tray
  • Checking of the fan bearing and also lubrication
  • Vacuuming of the drainage system and pan
  • Checking the compressor suction and also discharge pressure
  • Tightening of all the electrical contacts
  • Removing oil, dust, and dirt from various parts.

Aircon overhaul

If chemical wash fails to clean your aircon system thoroughly, then you need to go for a chemical overhaul. You must go for a chemical overhaul during the following condition:

  • When the vents get clogged due to dust particles/gunk
  • Drainpipe clogging of drain pipes causes water leakage
  • Evaporator coil damage
  • Damage to your fan bearings
  • Damaged/faulty air filters

After a chemical overhaul, your aircon will be like a new aircon.

The following are the activities that will be carried out while doing aircon chemical overhauls:

  • Lubrication of your fan bearings will be done to reduce any noise and also increase their efficiency
  • Monitoring and checking of thermostats and other controls of your unit
  • By using appropriate chemicals the pipes, drain pans, and blower wheel will be thoroughly cleaned
  • Cleaning of fan evaporator coil for removing dust and grime to increase efficiency
  • Replacing all faulty bearings to eliminate operational noise.


While both the operation involves cleaning of the aircon but chemical overhaul will go a bit deeper than just a chemical wash. It will ensure that the entire aircon pipes will be clean, which can facilitate a much better airflow and lead to much better performance and efficiency.